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Discover core Jewish ideas That Have Inspired Human Achievement For Over 3,000 Years. Learn about the annual cycle; participate in a self-development workshop.
In Gesher, the emphasis is equally on “why be Jewish” as it is on “how to be Jewish”. No previous knowledge of Judaism or the Hebrew alphabet is required.


Learn about the power of Jewish women. Study the Five Books of Moses, while simultaneously exploring some of the grand ideas associated with these texts. Learn the Jewish systems of self-growth (Mussar) and Chassidut. Find out how Jewish law works. Explore the 13 Principles of Faith and the meaning of the Siddur.


Unlock secrets in original Hebrew texts. Develop integrated Jewish practice, heightened textual proficiency and in depth study in Chassidut, and Mussar. Halacha now goes into details, and Chumash now is studied at a level that will lead to textual proficiency over time. Learn about subjects such as the Jewish Woman and Ethics of our Fathers, the 5 Megilot, and Jewish history.


Thrive as a Jewish woman in the 21st century. Learn to translate Chumash and Rashi and go deep with commentaries. Get the inside track on how to apply great Mussar works to practical Jewish living. Gain profound insights into prayer and Chasidut. Be empowered to apply halacha in the real world.

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