Maalot Transcript Request and Payment

Payment of this fee is accepted by the Maalot main campus.  Before the credits are registered officially, your branch will be asked for tuition clearance.  If there is any tuition balance, you will be contacted to pay the balance before the credits/transcript will be released.   

Transcript Request Process

  1. Check with your school secretary that all your grades have been submitted to the Maalot main office. If you do not do this, you may end up with incomplete or failing grades on your transcript and you will be charged again when you need to next request a new transcript.
  2. Request your transcript from the Maalot Office by filling out the form below.  

Transcripts will not be processed until payment is received.

Transcript Details
Student name
Seminary attending/attended
Year in Sem
Full address of where transcript must be mailed
Personal Details
Your Legal Name to appear on transcript Your Email Address
Date of Birth Social Security Number
Father's First Name Mother's First Name
Payment Details
Transcript Fee Amount
Credit Card Details
Cardholder name
credit card number
Expiration date
Billing Details
Billing First Name
Billing Last Name


Contact Mrs. Chana Baran

maalot transcript fees

Electronic Transcripts – $15
Hard Copy Printed Transcripts – $15
($8 for each additional transcript – electronic or hard copy ordered at the same time)

Expedited Transcripts – Cost of transcript + $45 for expedited shipping