It is with terrible grief and sadness that we wish to inform you of the untimely petirah, due to Coronavirus, of Rabbi Yehuda Refson ז”ל ,
the beloved younger brother of Rabbi Dovid Refson נ”י.

Rabbi Yehuda Refson was the אב בין דין  of Leeds, England who was a great צדיק, תלמיד חכם, בעל חסד  and father of children who emulate his devotion to the Jewish people.

Rabbi Dovid Refson is sitting shiva as of today, Monday, in his home.

Because of the Ministry of Health directives which limits people gathering together, it is preferable to call Rabbi Refson rather than making a shiva visit.

Rabbi Refson can be reached via the following phone numbers:

02-6415517 or 02-643-5256 or 053-228-6536 or via email –

 Please refrain from calling between 13:00-16:00 and after 22:00.

Rabbi Yehuda Refson will surely be a good   מליץ יושר for his family as well as כלל ישראל.

יהי זכרו ברוך.

Enrich your life with over 3,000 years of Torah wisdom

Learn about Judaism in an open-minded environment in Jerusalem. Engage in meaningful study and find answers to lifelong questions. With guidance from world-renowned spiritual teachers, our curriculum helps guide you on your way.


Neve offers five learning tracks, which take you from introductory to advanced levels of knowledge.

Discover core Jewish ideas that have inspired human achievement for over 3,000 years.
Learn about the Jewish movements that have changed  history, with an emphasis on the power of women.
Unlock secrets in original Hebrew texts and develop independent study skills.
Thrive as a Jewish woman in the 21st century and gain the empowerment you need to apply Judaism in the real world.
Deepen your relationship with modern Jewish life by accessing mystical concepts and advanced texts.

The Neve Difference

Neve has played a major role in Jewish women’s education, creating positive changes in families and communities worldwide. Our commitment to academic excellence, intellectual freedom and making an impact centers all we do.


Neve is located in Har Nof,  Jerusalem. Dozens of eateries, from burger joints to sushi places to cafes, are a ten-minute walk away. The Jerusalem Forest is close by, offering  walking and cycling paths. Take a twenty-minute bus ride  to the center of Jerusalem, the Kotel, the open-air market, restaurants, museums, shops and galleries. Journey along winding alleyways and check out the annual Light Festival, the International Arts and Crafts Fair, and more.


exceptional learning experienceS
At Neve, students have the opportunity to bring out their best. Neve’s classes are spiritually engaging, stimulating, and relevant. Students learn history, philosophy, Jewish law, and personal development. Classes are enhanced by hands-on volunteer experience. Students gain critical thinking skills and work on their personal qualities like confidence, self-awareness, and generosity, so that they can succeed in the workplace and in the world.


our campus grows in more ways than one
Wake up bright and early to tend to the organic garden, get messy making candles, soaps, and other arts and crafts in the art studio, or work up a sweat at the gym with our workout gear and Boot Camp classes. Neve’s beautifully landscaped six-acre campus has tons of green space, an organic garden, dorms, a library, art room, music room, theater, and astounding views of Israel. Extracurricular activities, like baking and open mic nights, take place on campus every day.  


Neve students become part of something much bigger than themselves and meet Jewish women from every conceivable ethnic background. Students build friendships while on campus and form lifelong bonds with women from all over the world. When a student leaves Neve, she becomes part of a dynamic alumni network that keeps on growing. Alumni have gone on to work as leaders in Jewish organizations, to excel in their careers and give back to their community.

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Neve girls answer your most pressing questions about their time learning on Neve's campus.

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