The Yesod level requires a foundation of basic knowledge of Jewish beliefs, law, and some familiarity with reading Chumash. This level will include more textual study, and exploration of deeper levels of Jewish thought. It will attempt to round out your knowledge of Jewish life, and will have an increased focus on practical integration of the Torah learning through courses on practical life skills and character development.

Yesod is divided into three semesters (not reflected below): winter, spring and summer.

[message_box title=”Course Syllabi” color=”blue”]
Theme 1: Chumash (textual) (Mrs. Tziporah Heller)
Theme 2: Great Principles of Judaism – Text: Michtav Me’Eliyahu (textual) (Mrs. Adina Sebbag)
Theme 3: Great Jewish Women in History (Mrs. Rivka Foxbrunner)
Theme 4: The Five Megilot (Rabbi Baruch Smith)
Theme 5: Middos (Character Development) Workshop (Rabbi Moshe Chalkowsky, Mrs. Chana Levitan)
Theme 6: Halacha (textual) (Rabbi Yehoshua Schwab)
Theme 7: History (Rabbi Baruch Smith)
Theme 8: Ulpan (Mr. Simcha Poupko)
Theme 9: The Annual Cycle (Rabbi Yaakov Marcus)
Theme 10: Chasidus (textual) (Mrs. Rachel Silber)
Theme 11: Pirkei Avos (Miriam Brunner)
Theme 12: Living Parsha (Rabbi Manny Nissel – Whole School)
Theme 13: Why be Jewish in the 21st Century? (Rabbi Gavriel Friedman – Whole School)

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Sunday: Experiential Torah
Monday: Living Judaism – Talks by professionals and others on the relevance of Judaism in their lives
Tuesday: Free
Wednesday: Living Torah
Thursday: Connections

****Optional – Exercise program ****

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