[testimonial title=”Anya”]Neve takes girls from all walks of life and helps guide their energy and passions on a path that is straight and constructive.[/testimonial]

[testimonial title=”Lea Yusupov”]I gained much more in 6 weeks at Neve than I did in a half a year of seminary. The people and atmosphere were inspiring. .. I would leave a class and then bump into someone on campus and continue talking and discussing what we had just learnt. Inspiration was all around. Not one moment went by unused.[/testimonial]

[testimonial title=”Juliya”]
Each of us reaches a point in our growth where we have an Aha! moment…[/testimonial]

[testimonial title=”Shoshana”]
I know that many miracles had to happen to get me to Neve, my family had not been Torah-observant in six generations…[/testimonial]

[testimonial title=”Adriana”]
Going to Neve to learn at 33 years of age may seem like a very difficult thing, but for me it was the first decision I made which made complete sense…

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