Student Life and Activities

In addition to the Jewish studies at Neve, the campus life enriches the learning.

Living and learning together with other women who seek to develop their knowledge and potential as Jewish women encourages the development of close and supportive friendships, many which last for life.

Neve’s picturesque, six acre campus is located on the highest point of Jerusalem, replete with gardens, dorms, libraries, astounding views of Israel, and much more. What better way for young women to connect with their Jewish identity and 3500-year-old Jewish history than in Jerusalem, the heart and soul of the Jewish people?

Where do I stay while at Neve College for Women?

The Neve College students are housed in one of two air-conditioned dormitories on the campus of Neve Yerushalayim. Each dorm has five apartments of four rooms each, 40 rooms in total. There are kitchens and lounge areas available as well as an apartment on the bottom floor for the dorm mother. Currently, we have 102 beds with 2-3 students per dorm room.  WiFi is available.  There is a laundry room, located on campus, within a short walking distance from the dorms.

What do I do when I am not in classes or studying?

At Neve, young women enjoy their time on and off campus and see as much of Israel as possible.  On campus, they have the  opportunity to enjoy Neve’s spacious gardens, comprehensive library, music and exercise rooms. Neve has a qualified tour guide on staff who advises students about hiking and other interesting mini-trips in and around Jerusalem.

Extracurricular activities include: Cooking/baking classes, arts and crafts, painting, holiday retreats, Shabbatons, musical performances and concerts by staff and students, hosted Shabbat meals throughout Jerusalem, nature walks, and overnight fieldtrips to Eilat and northern Israel.  Students are also given opportunities to tour the Old City, visit museums, Yad Vashem, and others places of interest.

Will I be traveling and seeing Israel?

Of course! To enrich the student’s learning experience and give her a love for the land of Israel, Neve offers tours and visits to Biblical, historical, and nature sites throughout Israel. These field trips augment classroom study and provide firsthand knowledge of the land and its people. Professionally guided tours include half day, full day, and extended visits to different parts of the country. The school sponsors two major trips each year –one to the North encompassing the Galilee and the Golan, and the other to the South, including the Negev, Eilat and surrounding desert areas. Students pay a nominal portion of the cost of each tour.

How do I spend Shabbat?

Most Neve students are away from relatives and friends, thus the staff is dedicated to ensure that each student has a place to go for Shabbat and holidays that suits her personality and spiritual goals. Carefully chosen host families can convey to their guests the true joy of a Jerusalem Shabbat and its significance to Judaism.

Will I have an opportunity to use my musical or theatrical talents while at Neve?

Yes! Students with theatrical and creative talents have opportunities to write, produce, and perform shows either at holiday times or otherwise. Some shows are for fellow students and some are open to the public. Those with musical talents are encouraged to continue with their usual practice. Neve has a piano available for students’ use.

Does Neve have security?

The campus is gated with a 24-hour security guard.