Textual proficiency is presumed and some of the classes are prepared by chavrusa.

Classes are generally between 9am and 6pm, 4x a week and once a week until 1pm.

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Please feel free to contact Rabbi Weiden with any questions you may have at:  or 972-50-410-2355.
To request an application, please email us at

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Theme 1: Chumash advanced textual (Rabbi Moshe Chalkowski / Rabbi Dovid Kass)
Theme 2: Halacha (Rabbi Moshe Weiden)
Theme 3: Siddur – Amida (Rabbi Yosef Cowen)
Theme 4: Alei Shor (Rabbi Moshe Chalkowski)
Theme 5: Maharal (Rabbi Yosef Azar)
Theme 6: Mesilas Yesharim
Theme 7: Rigshei Lev (Rabbi Menachem Nissel)
Theme 8: Derech Ha-Shem (Rabbi Boruch Smith)
Theme 9: Orchot Tsadikim (Rabbi Yosef Azar)
Theme 10: Ktuvim – (Rebbetzin Silvy Schatz)
Theme 11: Jewish History (Rabbi Baruch Smith)
Theme 12: Tehillim (Mrs. Rochel Silber)
Theme 13: Women in Tanach (Mrs. Naomi Winkler)
Theme 14: Inyanei D’yoma (Mrs. Zahava Kass)
Theme 15: Advance Jewish Concepts (Rabbi Yaakov Marcus)
Theme 16: Parshat Shavua (Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller)
Theme 17: Guest speaker (Rabbi Leff)

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Sunday: Free
Monday: Living Judaism – Talks by professionals and others on the relevance of Judaism in their lives
Tuesday: Free
Wednesday: Living Torah
Thursday: Connections

****Optional – Exercise program ****


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