Rinat Tzippora is a Neve Yerushalayim program designed for girls who have completed their seminary year and want to continue their spiritual growth in Eretz Yisrael for a second year.

Rinat Tzippora believes that a girl should “Honor Hashem with her wealth.” It believes that every Jew has vast gifts and talents and wants to enable each girl to use these talents for her own spiritual growth and for the Jewish people as a whole.

Rinat Tzippora wants to do more than inspire. It wants to solidify the gains made in the first year of seminary and to give practical direction and advice on how to fulfill mitzvot in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Rinat Tzippora wants to form a group of students who bond together to form a chabura of people working together on their Avodat Hashem. These bonds are to be solidified through hikes, tiyulim and shabbatonim.

Rinat Tzippora believes that growth comes primarily through close relationships formed with teachers. It has a staff of talented educators dedicated to teaching and to forming close relationships with the students that will last a lifetime.

Rinat Tzippora offers practical classes in teaching how to teach, so that those who are willing and able can use their Torah to teach others.

Rinat Tzippora desires to give the girls practical councelling and chinuch skills to enable its students to help themselves and others in a more skilled and knowledgeable way.

Rinat Tzippora offers girls the oppurtunity to take college classes while continuing their spiritual growth in Eretz Yisrael. Kodesh classes are offered mornings and evenings, to enable girls to continue their secular studies in the afternoon.

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