Looking to explore a path to spiritual growth?
Are you interested in finding out more about Judaism and its relevance to yourself?
Is a relationship based environment with uniquely catered educational goals, curriculum and outcomes, important to you?
Are you curious to understand how Judaism can be a dynamic and vibrant way of living that will deeply enrich your life?
And finally – are you ready for a one of a kind experience at Neve which will increase the quality of the rest of your life?

If the answers to these questions are yes – you have reached the right place.

Click to find out more about our 4 levels of study and our post high school program

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Mechina Program for the Introductory Student
Gesher Program for the Beginner Student
Yesod Program for the Intermediate Student
Afikim Program for the Advanced Student
Meorot Program for the Growth Oriented Post High School Student

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