Looking to explore a path to spiritual growth?
Are you interested in finding out more about Judaism and its relevance to yourself?
Is a relationship based environment with uniquely catered educational goals, curriculum and outcomes, important to you?
Are you curious to understand how Judaism can be a dynamic and vibrant way of living that will deeply enrich your life?
And finally – are you ready for a one of a kind experience at Neve which will increase the quality of the rest of your life?

If the answers to these questions are yes – you have reached the right place.

At Neve, students understand how the staff and syllabus provide a clear path to greater understanding of Judaism, its relevance to themselves and a path to spiritual growth. They see how each class fits in with each theme and understand how it is a part of a broader syllabus. They understand how that syllabus in turn provides a profound insight into how one can live a life of deeper meaning and spirituality. In Neve, you will no longer be an outsider to the Torah.

Upon arrival, you will define, together with our staff, your personal goals during your stay at Neve. This will include what you wish to know and understand about Judaism, as well as whether you have any goals for personal growth during this period. We will explore whether our set classes will match those needs and to what degree you may need special one-on-ones to fill in the gaps.

You will not only be given information in a methodical way that will make Judaism and the Torah-system clearer to you; you will also explore the personal relevance of this to your life. You will learn how to integrate Torah principles, so that your Torah becomes an instrument of growth for you. You will understand how Judaism can be a dynamic and vibrant way of living that will deeply enrich your life.

Neve recognizes that today’s generation of students not only want clearly articulated educational goals, curriculum and outcomes, but they also seek an environment which is relationship based. To this end, each of our staff make themselves available for multiple mentoring hours during the week. The meaningful conversations between staff and students are a vital component to allowing you to integrate the Torah imparted in such a way that it will be individualized and relevant to the lives that they will be leading upon their graduation.

Neve is interested in showing our students that Judaism has many faces. We do this through our diverse staff, but also through the many different guest lecturers we invite to make presentations. These include professional women living an Orthodox life, who impart how they integrate their Judaism into their professional and private lives.
We want to show how Torah personalities live their lives and are therefore inspirational role-models to our student body.

Our goal is to empower our students with a Torah knowledge that will allow them to grow according to their own unique personas. We recognized that growth, to be balanced, has to take place in multiple tiers simultaneously – growth of the spirit, growth of the intellect and growth of character – all while maintaining an emotional equilibrium and healthy sense of self. As such we are not interested in a “Neve product”. We are interested in your becoming an inspired woman, actualizing your own potential through connecting with the deepest levels of your spirituality in a healthy and sustainable way. We are interested in seeing you personalize your Judaism, take ownership of it, see it as your friend and mentor as your journey through life. As such, it is not just the quality of your experience at Neve that interests us, but the quality of the rest of your life.

None of this reflects a compromise on the academic excellence of our classes, the graded proficiency in texts, and the superb level of our Jewish philosophy classes.
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