ma_math_trackWhy is Mathematics a requirement in every course of study? Mathematics, in its purity and total objectivity, gives a person the tools to take apart a problem: to separate the givens, the available items, from the items one is searching to obtain, so the path can be found. For the frum young woman acquiring the ability to think well is necessary for her to become a better person, a better wife and certainly a better mother. A person with good thinking skills makes her children do the thinking, by guiding them, with good questions, to answer their own queries, and thus become better equipped to learn.

In Maalot, we have two tracks in Math: one for the students in Computer Science and Mathematics Education, which includes Pre-Calculus, Calculus I and II, and Linear Algebra, and a second one for the students in the Social Sciences, which includes College Algebra and Statistics. Both tracks, besides fulfilling requirements, aim to make our students grow into thinking and caring young women.

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* Not all courses are offered at all locations

Calculus I MAT 231

Major topics covered in the course are: limits, derivatives, graphs using limits and derivatives, and verbal applications that use derivatives.

Calculus II MAT 232

Major topics covered in the course are: a continuation of Calculus I; antiderivatives, integration by u-substitution; areas as limits; the definite integral; area between two curves; volumes, length of plane curves; area of surface of revolution; logarithms and exponential functions; first-order differential equations; inverse functions; inverse trigonometric functions and their derivatives; integration by parts; and integration of powers of sine, cosine, secant, and tangent. Verbal problems requiring the above.

College Algebra MAT 121

Major topics covered in the course are: algebraic expressions, real and complex numbers, equations and inequalities, algebraic and graphic solutions, verbal applications and introduction to functions.

Introduction to Statistics STA 201

Major topics covered in the course are: measurement scales, sources of data, descriptive statistics, data display, univariate measure of location and variability, basic probability, normal curve and applications, correlation and regression, inferential statistics, probability theory, binomial distribution, and parametric and nonparametric tests of significant difference.

Linear Algebra MAT 320

Major topics covered in the course are: vectors, linear equations and systems of linear equations, matrices, vector spaces, basis and dimension, linear transformations, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, characteristic equation, diagonalization, and general inner products.

Pre-calculus MAT 129

Major topics covered in the course are: skills in solving equations of all types, in graphing linear, trigonometric, logarithmic, exponential and rational equations as well as conic sections, and in solving verbal applications of the above.

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