Coaching is an advanced tool for management. All management begins with self management. The courses in the specially designed Maalot coaching program introduces the students to the microprocesses of change. The goal of our coaching program is for the student to emerge with the skills and knowledge to be a successful agent of change.

This one-of-a-kind program qualifies the graduate to enter the exciting new arena of coaching, management, and chinuch.

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* Not all courses are offered at all locations

Coaching for Learning and Change I PSY 299

Self Awareness, Self Management, Definition of self, Access of self, Somatic awareness, sensory awareness, Imagination and it’s aspects, Emotional awareness, Practical and Theoretical intelligence and Application to Coaching.

Coaching for Learning and Change II PSY 299

Principle based planning, Value-based planning, Setting goals, Commitment and accountability, Four steps of action, Sustaining and building on success.

Introduction to Coaching PSY 299

History and definition of coaching; Ethics of coaching; Coaching competency; Models of coaching; Collegiality and the business of coaching.

Psychological Foundations of Coaching PSY 299

International Coaching Competencies; The humanistic approach; The behavioral approach; The Cognitive approach; Positive psychology; The Narrative approach; The Solution Focused Approach; Developmental processes in children, adolescents and adults; Androgogy and cultural considerations.

The Coaching Relationship PSY 299

Creating the relationship; Establishing trust, respect and safety; Effective positive communications; Reframing; Goal setting and Brainstorming.

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