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Neve helped me as a kallah more than I ever could have imagined! I felt like they were taking care of me as a daughter and helped me with things I didn’t even know to ask for. They were there throughout my process as a kallah, guiding me and supporting me. It would not have been possible to have the beautiful wedding I had, or to set up my home afterwards, without Neve’s unbelievable help and support.quote     -R.D.


Neve has helped me as a kallah by generously and graciously offering us assistance in preparing us for our wedding with emotional and financial support. They helped guide us through the process of preparing for our wedding with ease by giving us constant advice, guidance, and support. The kallah fund at Neve has provided us with the resources and assistance to establish a Jewish household that will g-d willing be filled with with much simcha for many years to come. quote    -S.C.


I had NO idea of the effort, forethought and resources that needed to go into a wedding! Without my or my future husband’s families in Israel, the entire event seemed insurmountable and to pull me apart in every direction. Neve, which had trustingly guided me thus far in my religious development, proved to once again come through for me as I began to plan for the seemingly most daunting event of my life. I knew from other friends that Neve offered help to kallahs, but when my turn came, I developed a whole new sense of gratitude. It was as if Neve was escorting me to the chuppah as a parent escorts his own child. I am so grateful for Neve and the incredible support it offers its kallahs. May Neve be zoche to continue providing incredible hadracha to each beautiful girl who attends, and in turn, each kallah. quote    -R.W.

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