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This year, you have a choice of which raffle you would like to enter!

If you would like to have tickets entered in the Eretz Yisroel raffle which will be drawn during the chagiga, please enter the name of the student who you would like to fill out the tickets.

Student’s name to fill out my tickets (or Neve Yerushalayim):

If you don’t specify anyone, you will be entered into the American Hakaras Hatov raffle drawing for a laptop computer.

The more tickets you buy, the better your chance of winning

and the bigger your mitzvah! Thank you and tizku limitzvot!

Credit Card Information
Amount * $

Card Number *
Cardholder Name*
Expr. Date *
CVV Code *
Personal Information
First Name * Last Name *
Street * City *
Street 2 State *
ZIP Code * Country *
Phone * E-mail *
Schools Attended Your Message

for your generous gift to Neve Yerushalayim. Your gift makes a tangible difference in the lives of students, families and Jewish communities around the world!

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