The goal of this level is to deepen your understanding of how one lives Judaism as a Jewish woman. The beginnings of textual proficiency through an exploration of the major themes of Chumash will allow you to begin to draw knowledge from original sources. An appreciation of core beliefs will be complimented by an appreciation of what a Jewish woman is all about and what great Jewish women have done. A workshop will be dedicated to self-development so you can take all that you are learning and integrate it into your own personality in an authentic way.

Gesher is divided into three semesters: winter, spring and summer.

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Theme 1: Chumash Textual (Mrs. Tziporah Heller)
Theme 2: Women’s Mitzvot (Mrs. Raquel Kirszenbaum)
Theme 3: The Siddur – Textual (Adina Sebbag)
Theme 4: Practical Halacha (R. Yoshua Schwab)
Theme 5: Core Beliefs (R. Yaakov Marcus)
Theme 6: Great Jewish Women (Mrs. Tziporah Heller)
Theme 7: Self Development Workshop (Mrs. Chana Levitan)
Theme 8: Hebrew Ulpan (Mr. Simcha Poupko)
Theme 9: Major Themes in Jewish History (R. Boruch Smith)
Theme 10: Gems from the Parsha (Mrs. Toby Kleiman)
Theme 11: Chasidut (Mrs. Rochel Silber)
Theme 12: The Annual Cycle.
Theme 13: Living Parsha (Rabbi Manny Nissel – Whole School)
Theme 14: Why be Jewish in the 21st Century? (Rabbi Gavriel Friedman – Whole School)
Theme 11: The Annual Cycle. (Rabbi Baruch Smith)
Theme 15: The Thirteen Principles of Faith (Mrs. Raquel Kirszenbaum)
Theme 16: Tehilim (Psalms) (Mrs. Raquel Kirszenbaum)

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Sunday: Experiential Torah
Monday: Living Judaism – Talks by professionals and others on the relevance of Judaism in their lives
Tuesday: Free
Wednesday: Living Torah
Thursday: Connections

****Optional – Exercise program ****

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