Components of Discourse ENG 199
This English course is designed to introduce and develop the student’s skills of literary interpretation through discussion of a range of texts from a variety of genres. Some topics addressed include form, voice, structure, and technique and their individual implications on literary texts. Throughout the semester, students will progressively acquire skills that will shape their critical and analytical thought processes and introduce them to the rudiments of multi-leveled interpretation and the search for a deeper understanding of text.

English Composition I ENC 101
Major topics covered in the course are expository writing and basic techniques of the research paper. The course will concentrate on staged development of a research project from topic selection, library use, thorough note-taking, outlining, drafting, to final writing.

English Composition II ENC 102
This course helps students to develop their critical thinking and writing skills beyond the level achieved in English Composition I. The course emphasizes the application of logical reasoning, analysis, and strategies of argumentation in critical thinking and writing, using literature (both fiction and non-fiction) and literary criticism as subject matter. Major topics covered in the course are expository writing and basic techniques of the research paper, personal essay development and examination of short stories and poems. Students will learn basic library research and effective note taking. In addition, students will be asked to write critical essays about a wide variety of topics, including short stories and poetry. Students will also read several examples of published personal essays, and will be required to write at least one personal essay.

English Language in Communication and Literature COM 209
The course provides an overview of the major theoretical approaches to the field of rhetoric and communication, implemented through exercises in argument and persuasive writing and the delivering of speeches that are thesis based.

Literary Genres ENG 330
This course is designed to develop a mastery of skills and insights required for independent studies. An in depth exploration of a selected theme using a cross section of genres within a wide scope of literary works, will allow students to survey a diversity of style and cultural perspective within a centralized context.

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