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Devorah realized that it was vital to share the truth, to educate people and so she started a blog and a Facebook group. Along the way, Deborah reconnected, not only to her land, but to her heritage. Devorah was in Rutgers in 2014, when the Gaza conflict blew up again and the media and social media blew up too.
“It was crazy. My blog and Facebook page went mad. Suddenly there were people from all over the world sending me messages saying they stand with Israel, and some saying the opposite. Over the last 7 years, the Facebook page has gathered members from 100 countries, which is really cool because it means I can reach people all over the world. We have gotten some anti-Semitic attacks on the page. One man from Pakistan was very virulent until a friend and I spoke to him over the phone. He was shocked. He had never even met a Jewish person before. He grew up being told that Jews were the devil and suddenly he found that there were Jews in the world he could respect. Now he even sends me pictures of his family and told me he wants his daughters to be leaders like me. During COVID, he wished me success as a nurse.”
While at Rutgers, I was going to Hillel and Chabad on campus. I wanted to become more observant, but I felt stuck between where I was and where I wanted to be religiously. Then my friends introduced me to Meor, I went on J Internship and then I came to Neve for 10 months after graduating in 2018. 
Devorah’s life was becoming more and more busy, so she two months ago, she decided to take a break for the first time in seven years. One week later, operation Guardian of the Walls began.
“I had to come back. People don’t know what stand with Palestine means, they see catchy slogans on social media promoted by clueless or biased celebrities and they think they’re experts! My blog is a vital resource to educate people. Those posting that Israel is terrorizing Gaza ignore the fact that Hamas regularly sends incendiary balloons and kites, that they send hundreds of rockets and incite acts of terror and violence against innocent civilians.”
 Devorah is now taking a break until August.
 “No-one is talking about the human rights violations in Syria or the oppression of the Uighurs in China. But they’ll ignore everything Hamas does and point fingers at Israel with no context! Ignoring the fact that Hamas uses human shields, that they train children to be suicide bombers, that they celebrated 9/11, that the Hadid sisters- for all their posting about Palestine their beloved homeland- would be murdered if they dared step foot there for the modelling shoots they do. There are only 15 million Jews. With everything going on recently, it may seem the odds are against us. But it’s also important to remember that this is all part of Hashem’s master plan.”