Who we are

The mission of Neve College for Women is to educate, inspire, and empower young Jewish women, ages 18 to 33, who have little or no knowledge of their Jewish heritage.

Since 1970, more than 35,000 Jewish women from all over the world have attended Neve. Located on six acres on one of the highest points of Jerusalem, the picturesque campus provides a safe and nurturing environment for Jewish women to explore and find meaning in their Jewish identity.

We welcome students to come for as long as they choose: for a day, for a week, or for our six-week introductory program called Mechina, which is designed to accommodate any start date. Students often return at a later time to enroll in our intermediate or advanced levels.

Neve is interested in women personalizing their Judaism, taking ownership of it, and seeing it as an ongoing source of strength and wisdom. Therefore, Neve’s highly trained and experienced staff is sensitive to each student’s unique circumstances, talents, and Jewish background. Our alumnae have reported that thanks to their stay at Neve, they are now leading enriched Jewish lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

“I love learning on the Neve campus – you get to meet a spectrum
of people from such different Jewish backgrounds.”

Why is Neve so important

  1. Today’s millennial Jewish women are making life- changing decisions about their identity without knowing how or if Judaism should play a part. Neve exposes students to Jewish values, philosophy, religion, and history so that young Jewish women can make more informed and productive decisions about their future.
  2. Neve students are between the ages of 18 and 33, a vulnerable, pressure-filled, critical age of adulthood. The school provides a dynamic, judgment-free space for students to question the status quo and discover who they are and what they want out of their lives, which is different for each student.
  3. More than 750 young Jewish women come to Neve each year, and every student is provided individualized attention by a team of outstanding, experienced educators, teachers, tutors and mentors.
  4. Neve exposes students to the intellectual wealth of our Jewish heritage, its positive impact on our culture, and the rigorous thinking process that characterizes Jewish Studies. Students learn to think more deeply and analytically about the texts they read and the ideas they hear. They gain excellent critical thinking skills and are better equipped to succeed in the world, in relationships, and in the workplace — with greater confidence, self-awareness, and integrity.
  5. Neve’s classes are not only intellectually rigorous, but they are also spiritually engaging, resulting in an education that is stimulating and relevant. There are frequent discussions about the meaning and role of Judaism in one’s life and about Judaism’s unique contributions to the world.
  6. Neve students build strong friendships while on campus and form lifelong bonds with other women from all over the world who learn from each other. Each student comes to realize that she is a part of something much bigger than herself, and that Jews come from every conceivable ethnic and religious background. When a student leaves Neve, she becomes part of a dynamic Neve alumnae network.
  7. Neve’s picturesque, six-acre campus is located on one of the highest points of Jerusalem, replete with gardens, dorms, libraries, astounding views of Israel, and much more. What better way for young women to connect with their Jewish identity,  Israel, and our 3500-year-old Jewish history than in Jerusalem, the heart and soul of the Jewish people!

Our Accomplishments

  1. More than 35,000 women have passed through Neve’s doors.
  2. For almost 50 years, Neve has played a major role in Jewish women’s education, creating a revolution in Jewish families and communities worldwide.
  3. We currently have an alumnae network of more than 13,000 women.
  4. We have created a beautifully landscaped six-acre campus, featuring dormitories, classrooms, a large dining hall, synagogue, theater, student lounge, library, dance studio, art studio, outdoor seating area, and counseling center.
  5. The campus and the 13 buildings it contains are all 100% owned by Neve with no mortgages on neither the land nor the buildings in addition to its New York office.
  6. In addition to our New York office, Neve opened a North American headquarters in the Jewish Federation building of Los Angeles.


Our Campus

In January 1987, after years of occupying rented quarters, Neve College for Women moved to its permanent home on six acres on one of the highest points of Jerusalem. Our picturesque campus provides a safe and nurturing environment for Jewish women to explore and find meaning in their Jewish identity.

Thirteen buildings currently occupy the campus. Neve College for Women students are housed in two air-conditioned and fully-furnished dormitories and take their meals in the dining hall that is equipped with a modern kitchen. Three academic buildings provide classrooms, computer and science laboratories, a student lounge and laundry room, libraries, and administrative offices. The campus also houses the Neve Family Institute and its Counseling Center as well as a high-school for girls who immigrated to Israel from English-speaking countries.

Other facilities on the campus are an amphitheater that provides a spectacular setting for outdoor lectures and performances, a theater, dance studio, exercise room, and a synagogue that serves both the students and community residents.

Our Leadership

Rabbi Refson

Dr. Rabbi Dovid Refson
Founder and Dean of Neve College for Women

Rabbi Edelstein

Rabbi Avraham Edelstein
Education Director of Neve College for Women

Chaya Levine

Mrs. Chaya Levine
Dean of Students at Neve College for Women