Educational Philosophy

Our curriculum is personal
to best meet the needs of each individual student

At Neve , young women, ages 18 – 33, quickly come to understand how the teachers and syllabus provide a clear path to a greater understanding of Judaism, its relevance to themselves, and as a means of deeper spiritual growth. At Neve, one never feels like an outsider when it comes to the Torah.

Upon arrival, a student will define, together with Rabbi Edelstein, the director of Neve College for Women, her personal goals for her stay at Neve.  This will include what she wishes to know and understand about Judaism, as well as her aspirations for personal and spiritual growth. Together, they will explore which classes will match those needs.  In addition, each student is provided one-on-one tutorials to fill in any gaps.

Topics are explored in a methodical way that will make Judaism and the Torah-system clearer to each young woman. Every student will be encouraged to explore the personal relevance of each lesson to her life. As a result, women learn to integrate Torah principles, so that their Torah becomes an instrument of growth for them.

Further, Neve also recognizes that today’s generation of students not only want clearly articulated educational goals, curricula and outcomes, but they also seek an environment which is relationship based. To this end, each member of our staff and select alumnae make themselves available for mentoring hours during the week. The meaningful conversations between mentors and students are a vital component in our program.

There are four levels of study at Neve College for Women. A student enters one of the four levels, based on her prior knowledge of Judaism. Personalized, one-on-one tutoring and mentoring are assigned to ensure that each woman is and continues to be at the right level.  Women typically stay for six weeks and then return repeatedly during the summer or during the year so they can progress to the higher levels. The complete Neve experience can last up to two years.